As part of our busi­ness phi­lo­so­phy, we strive to main­tain costs as low as pos­si­ble for our clients, with the po­si­ti­ve effect of long-term asset in­crea­se.

Cost minimisation

  • Client port­fo­li­os contain no hidden costs.
  • We take no com­mis­si­on on sales and accept no re­tro­ces­si­on fees (kick­backs) from third parties.
  • We con­si­stent­ly choose cost-ef­fec­tive in­vest­ment so­lu­ti­ons.
  • Our fee struc­tu­re is de­si­gned in such a way that Palomar Asset Ma­nage­ment has no in­cen­ti­ve to perform fre­quent tran­sac­tions within a client port­fo­lio.

Custodian bank fees

  • Palomar Asset Ma­nage­ment ne­go­tia­tes best pos­si­ble cu­s­to­di­an fees for its clients.
  • Clients are charged a reduced ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on fee.
  • A ticket fee or a reduced tran­sac­tion fee is charged ad­di­tio­nal­ly.

Palomar Asset Management fees

  • In ac­cor­dance with our company phi­lo­so­phy, our fees are com­pa­ra­tive­ly low.
  • Palomar Asset Ma­nage­ment re­cei­ves a per­cen­ta­ge ma­nage­ment or ad­vi­so­ry fee, de­pen­ding on the type of mandate and size of port­fo­lio in­vol­ved.

Factors affecting capital formation

This graph shows the development of assets of CHF 1m (one million Swiss francs) over 20 years, given different annual costs. The comparison relates to identical investment strategies with a 5 per cent annual gross return.